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Written on Feb, 15, 2015 by in , | Comments Off on Have A Blast With Photo Booth Parties At Home!

Nowadays, you would think that every waking moment is captured in some way. I mean, almost everyone carries a phone, if not two, with them wherever and whenever, which allows them to take a quick snap shot of everything. Aside from that, all these social media platforms have somehow compelled everyone to make sure that they took photos of everything so that they could be updated with new happenings.

But, believe it or not, there are some instances where picture takings take the back burner. How come? Well, if you’re the one hosting a party, especially if it’s in your own house, it could really be hard to keep up when you have million things to attend to. Or you could simply be having so much fun with catching up, eating, and laughing with everyone else that you’re totally oblivious to the fact that you haven’t been taking any pictures at all.

Good thing, you can always count on the good old photo booth kent to save your day and your face from guest who would ask for pictures days after the party. Yes, photo booths, is your new best friend. Here are some reasons why you should totally consider getting one the next time you’re having a party over at your house.

  • You don’t have to be a nosy host who comes up to every guest who are obviously trying to have a conversation just to “capture the moment”.
  • You get to focus on hosting the party because photo booths runs by itself once it’s set up. Therefore, there will still be pictures when the party ends without you having to man the booth personally.
  • Everyone gets to decide when to be captured. Unlike if you’re trying to just snap away with your camera to make sure everything’s been documented, awkward shots will be avoided. (A couple making out in the background, people taking a huge bite, drunken Tom passed out behind the sofa)
  • It gives guest something to do when they’re not eating, chatting or trying to take advantage of the free booze (no offense drunken Tom J)
  • You’re not obliged to update everyone with last night’s party pictures because they can get the photo strips right away when they’re done with the booth.

See how convenient and fun photo booths are? With them around, you can easily host and party without looking like a rag doll after. Plus you still get quirky pictures to remember the day. Think you’ll add photo booth to your next party?

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