Electric gate store is undoubtedly UK’s one of the best stores for supplying Electric Gates and accessories. They provide a broad range of motorized swinging and sliding gates for your property. They are reliable, providing dedicated service and guaranteed security. Here is provided a brief list of the services they furnish.

Different electric gates:

They have a broad range of electric gates, which include:

Swing Gates:

One of the most popular automated gates in the UK of all time is the swing gate, which comes in a variety of choices, starting from aluminum to timber wood. There are two choices for gate operators in Swing Gate Openers. You can choose between Electromagnetic or Hydraulic operators.

Slide Gates:

Probably the most efficient automated gate for lacking spaces is the slide gate. If you have a sloping driveway or entrance with less space, you can choose the Slide Gate.

Barrier Gates:

If you have a huge crowd outside your property or want to restrict someone from passing immediately, the only thing that would come to your mind is the barrier gate. Install a fence gate and reduce unwanted traffic outside your property.

Gate Automation:

If you wish to enhance the security of your electric gates, gate automation provides a number of choices to enrich the level of security. With gate automation, you get better safety and security along with appearance which is convenient to use. You can operate and control your electric gates with a number of ways which includes remotes, keypads, timed operations, looped detectors or audio and video entry systems. Electric gate store has a number of packages which you can choose by quickly contacting them. They will take care of your requirements and then inevitably make a quick package ideal for your needs. The more time and patience you give, the more reliable and dependable results you get.

Electric Gate Openers:

In order to ensure additional security to Gates, Electric Gate Opener is what you need. There are different kinds of gates openers, like:

  • Electro-mechanical
  • Hydraulic
  • Above ground
  • Underground

They will be installed in your gates and transformed into an automated device which can be accessed either by remotes or other accessories. There are numerous numbers of packages found within Electric Gate Openers, like:

  • Single Swing
  • Double Swing
  • Single Slide
  • Double Slide
  • Solar Saver
  • Enhanced Access Package: This package includes two additional remotes and a digital keypad

Access Control:

If you are scared of trespassers, try out access control kits. From a wide range of intercoms to cameras and other security option, it gives you a reason to relax. The intercoms will allow the visitors to make a call to you before they enter, the cameras will pay a constant look at the visitors and other emergency bells and damage prevention methods will help in securing the property. Access control kit includes:

  • Intercoms
  1. Audio
  2. Video
  3. GSM
  • Photocells and flash light
  • Exit devices
  • Timers

Whether you are chilling outside or working, you will not have to worry anymore.

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