beige-tile6-230Having a small bathroom is one of the irritating thing if you don’t like small spaces in your house. Less space hinders the functionality of any place and that’s the reason the many people avoid small space bathrooms. Because bathroom is a place where you not only wash off face and brush your teeth, you relax during shower and experiment with your skin to cleanse it to look more attractive and beautiful.

So what to do if you have a small bathroom in your house? Change the house! Actually instead of changing your house altogether just for replacing a small bathroom, you may try these hacks to make your small bathroom look bigger. How? Read on and find some interesting tips to make your small bathroom look bigger enough that you love it, or just get some help from Bathroom Marquee.

Avoid Using Spacious Items:

Usually luxurious things are spacious enough that they carry much space of a place. The same case is with bathroom toilets, bathing tubs and sinks. So the first thing that you need to do is to replace them immediately if you have big articles inside your small bathroom. This will free-up the space in your small space bathroom and give you free room to make adjustments accordingly.

Instead of using big articles, you may use small or detachable furniture or articles inside your bathroom to save space. Instead of using big sink, you may go with shelves fixed on walls and use a single tab with suitable sanitation arrangements. And as far as it is concerned with bathtub, you may go with a shower only hanging up on the wall. This way, you get space to stand easily in your bathroom and have fun bathing inside it. Keep any drawer or cupboards out of bathroom and use hangers to hang towels and clothes while you take bath.

Use Light Effects Properly:

A dark place might give you a feeling of being small but if it is lit properly then you might not feel that way at all. Yes! Another way to make your small bathroom look bigger is to make proper use of lights in your bathroom. Instead of liting one energy saver, you may use 3 energy savers in 3 different corners of your bathroom. This trick works well to fool your mind and to create an illusion that the place you’re standing in is not that small. When the light hits walls and floors it reflects back and your bathroom shines very much that you tend to believe that it’s not that small.

Use Mirrors:

Another approach that you can go with is to make use of mirrors on empty walls. Look around the wall and see how you can make best use of them? This means, you need to hang a big mirror on one side of your bathroom so the other side reflects in that mirror. Or as an alternative way, you may hang many mirrors small in size as compared to using one big mirror on one side. This trick works well to create the illusion that the place is not very small. This is because the other wall facing mirrors reflects into them and our mind perceive that the place is not that small.