Acrylic is becoming the latest craze, being used instead of a range of materials, glass being the most common replacement. Acrylic has many advantages over glass, meaning it can replace glass in many scenarios. In particular, acrylic rod replacements are becoming more and more popular. But what are they used for and why are they better than many alternatives on the market currently?

Curtain rails

Acrylic rods are being used to replace metal or wooden curtain rails. They are a good way to give traditional room décor a new, modern twist. They do not obstruct visual lines from floor to ceiling and have been found to add height to a room. The most common acrylic rod is clear, meaning that it will match any coloured wallpaper, or curtains. The acrylic can be round, or of more modern shapes, such as rectangular. Acrylic rodding comes at a range of prices, and can easily be transformed into a curtain rail in a DIY project, with some simple wall-fixings.



Acrylic rods are commonly used for lighting, most often, LEDs. Acrylic rods have good weather resistance, and are highly durable. They do not break easily, and a good transmitters of light, transmitting 92% of light. This can be used for regular lighting or coloured, if you wish to give a particular room a bit of colour.


Glow sticks

You can make your own glowing tubing or glow sticks with acrylic and highlighter fluid. By simply filling acrylic tubing with fluorescent liquid, you can make your own cheap and durable glowing tubing. Insert a LED light into the tubing to make it light up and you are done! This is ideal if you are looking to host a party. These cheap alternatives to glow sticks last longer than regular glow sticks, meaning they can be reused.ROD5-2


Aqua-scaping in fish tanks

You can build an aqua-scape for your fish tank with the help of acrylic rodding. You can stack rocks and coral, keeping them secured together in a heap or pile by drilling a hole in the rocks and inserting an acrylic rod though the stack of rocks, to secure them together.


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