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Written on Jun, 19, 2015 by in | Comments Off on Your Options When Selecting A Photocopier

Ever since Chester Carlson first invented a prototype photocopier on 1938, photocopying industry spearheaded by Xerox has come a long way. What used to be a simple black-and-white copy has become more complex that not only includes color copies but other features as well. And as the photocopying industry is approaching the 8th decade, people now have a wide array of choices which allow them to choose from simple and single function photocopying machines to several features in a single photocopier only. Here are several option you can choose when selecting a photocopier.

Analog Photocopier

Also called as the traditional or classic photocopier. This type of photocopier provides a black-and-white copy. The size of this copier is large due to the number of parts necessary to copy images. Though it is cheaper and can make large number of copies, the photocopying industry has stopped manufacturing this type of photocopier due to the cost of production. As this type becomes obsolete, spare parts will be hard to come by making it unfit for people planning get a photocopier. People who also are currently using this type of photocopier keep on experiencing problems but won’t be able to get any support from manufacturers since it’s phased out.


“When in Rome, do what the Romans do.” This quote maybe overused but it fits in the photocopying industry. As we come to the digital age, photocopiers also utilized digital applications to provide higher quality of photocopies. Digital photocopiers include features like scanning, fax and printing giving more options for users. This type is often used in the office given the functions necessary to run the business.


Mono or monochrome is a photocopier that provides black copies only. The only difference between mono and analog is that mono photocopiers now employ digital technology to run. The great thing about mono photocopiers is that they are capable of making bulk copies at ease.


Color photocopier is the opposite of mono, it can create copies either black or colored. This feature is a popular choice when copying images and pictures. Usually, the photocopier contains 4 drums and 4 cartridges. Each cartridge has a different color. The colors are Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and Black. Given the arrangement of the colors, the cartridges are also called CYMK cartridges. The 4 colors are then combined in different ratios depending on the color that is needed for the image. The early weakness of this type of photocopier is that when one of the four colors run out, the copy will not be on the right color. If one wanted to get a good quality colored image, then he must replace the 4 cartridges since they come as one. Though some people use injections nowadays to overcome this weakness and refills the cartridge that run empty on ink.


Also known as all in one printers, this type of photocopier combines all the basic functions needed for an office and included other features. All multifunctional photocopiers have photocopying, scanning, printing and faxing. Depending on the model, other features like networking and internet. Others can staple, fold documents and even make 3-hole punch.

Other Types

Some photocopiers are not big. There are types called desktop and network photocopiers. The desktop photocopier is almost the same size with the computer printer and is the choice of small offices. On the other hand, network photocopiers allow everyone connected to the network to make copies remotely.

Regardless of the type of photocopiers available in the market, one must balance his budget and the functions he want the photocopier to have. Photocopier leasing or photocopier rental online is a cost effective way of managing your finances a little easier!

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