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Written on Mar, 04, 2015 by in | Comments Off on Choosing a Sofa that can Last a Long Time

Oftentimes, people only consider the style and the design of a sofa when purchasing one. Certainly, the looks and appeal that a piece of furniture can bring in the house is a significant factor in picking the right one. However, to get the most value out of the money that one needs to spend, he must not dwell on aesthetics alone. For practicality, it is advisable to check and recheck the durability and hardiness of a sofa before taking it home.

The primary strength-giving part of a sofa is its frame. Because of this, you must carefully check it before purchasing. Generally, sofa frames made of soft wood such as pine should be avoided because they may wobble after several years of use. Additionally, frames made of metal, particleboard, or plastic may also crack and warp with prolonged use. You should also avoid them as much as possible. Quality materials for sofa frames are those made from hardwood. Examples of these are beech, oak, or ash. Hardwoods are generally pricier than other frame materials but in the long run, they may prove to be more practical.

In addition, it is also crucial to check how the individual pieces of the sofa frame are joined together. Wooden dowels, brackets, wooden corner blocks, or metal screws solidly join tough frames together. In addition, nails, staples, or glues can be used for extra hold but you should avoid using them as the sole means of joining the frame pieces. You can pick all these up from a UK supplier –

Another indication of a good sofa lies in its springs. Good sofas have eight-way hand-tied springs beneath the seat cushion. They give good comfort while providing extra durability as well. However, usually, most sofas come with sinuous or serpentine springs. They are preassembled pieces of snaking wire that give decent support. However, to prevent sagging or pressing on the frame, you have to ensure that the metal making up the spring is thick and heavy.

The last thing to do to ensure the durability of a sofa is to check its textile. The most practical fabrics are those made up of linen and cotton. Yet, it is still recommended to check whether their weaves are tight. Loose weaves can snag through repeated use. Also, good textile materials are leather and wool. They are strong and elegant to look at but are quite expensive. For the fabric’s pattern, it is suggested to choose those that are woven instead of

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