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Acrylic is becoming the latest craze, being used instead of a range of materials, glass being the most common replacement. Acrylic has many advantages over glass, meaning it can replace glass in many scenarios. In particular, acrylic rod replacements are becoming more and more popular. But what are they used for and why are they better than many alternatives on the market currently?

Curtain rails

Acrylic rods are being used to replace metal or wooden curtain rails. They are a good way to give traditional room décor a new, modern twist. They do not obstruct visual lines from floor to ceiling and have been found to add height to a room. The most common acrylic rod is clear, meaning that it will match any coloured wallpaper, or curtains. The acrylic can be round, or of more modern shapes, such as rectangular. Acrylic rodding comes at a range of prices, and can easily be transformed into a curtain rail in a DIY project, with some simple wall-fixings.



Acrylic rods are commonly used for lighting, most often, LEDs. Acrylic rods have good weather resistance, and are highly durable. They do not break easily, and a good transmitters of light, transmitting 92% of light. This can be used for regular lighting or coloured, if you wish to give a particular room a bit of colour.


Glow sticks

You can make your own glowing tubing or glow sticks with acrylic and highlighter fluid. By simply filling acrylic tubing with fluorescent liquid, you can make your own cheap and durable glowing tubing. Insert a LED light into the tubing to make it light up and you are done! This is ideal if you are looking to host a party. These cheap alternatives to glow sticks last longer than regular glow sticks, meaning they can be reused.ROD5-2


Aqua-scaping in fish tanks

You can build an aqua-scape for your fish tank with the help of acrylic rodding. You can stack rocks and coral, keeping them secured together in a heap or pile by drilling a hole in the rocks and inserting an acrylic rod though the stack of rocks, to secure them together.


 composit 3

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If you’re a homeowner then you have probably developed an obsession with DIY pretty quickly. Who wouldn’t? When you own something it’s appearance becomes so much more important to you. In fact some would rather spend money on their home than themselves. If you’re one of those people then you will probably enjoy this article. A little help from a fellow home lover goes a long way!

Garden Lovers

If you’re a garden lover then you know that it is really hard to maintain! The outside extremities seem to undo all of your hard work in a matter of weeks. But there are a few things you can do to maintain it and keep the ruin to a minimum. One thing is for sure we all have a shed at the back of our garden that needs a little tender love and care. If you’re wondering how to revive it then a lick of paint is a great start. Going for the traditional paintbrush option won’t do though. It is best to choose a stain spray; it will make the job a lot easier for starters. As for the murky windows that don’t serve their purpose at all they need a change. There are a number of different materials you can use for replacing shed windows from Simply Plastics so take your pick.VB-220x220-sheds

Now here comes the step-by-step guide to sprucing up your stepping-stones! They are the key to your garden looking brand new, in fact they key to your garden if you consider the fact that to reach any part that’s what your guest will be using. Replacing them is best if the stones have become misplaced or broken but if they simply just look worse for wear then paint them. Try to go for less traditional colours to make them stand out.stepping-stones

Keeping your garden up to date doesn’t always have to be a lot of work. In fact you don’t even have to replace or replant every flower, clipping them back may give them a new lease of life. As for your bushes and trees trimming them back will make your garden look more spacious and like brand new!Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 14.34.13

Sometimes updating your garden doesn’t mean you have to work hard at all. Simply buying a few interesting garden ornaments will brighten up your shrubbery. Place a few at different points in your garden but make sure you opt for bright colours so they stand out amongst the flowers and bushes.pair-large-dear-01-600

Don’t always just consider what your garden looks like but consider the view from your garden. The exterior of your home really does matter. If you want some great scenery for your next summer relaxation session in the garden try external render systems or again some paint! (Paint really does do the job)images

Now you’ve got a few tips it’s time to get gardening, but I’m sure as a DIY addict you’re already ready.


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selling-your-home-cedar-shingle-homeWhen it comes to kwh meters, there are a lot of complains about the accuracy of the metre as well as the hassle of settling bills monthly. Some consumers also complain the need to pay a minimum amount if the consumption does not meet a certain level. It is like having to pay for something you haven’t used. To cater such challenges, the metre industry has released the latest service metres. These service metres are used on different types of services such as electricity and water. The main feature of service metres is the prepaid payment system instead of monthly billing. For those who are wondering if service metres are convenient to use, here are the general advantages of using service metres.

  1. Easy management of service – Service metres provide accurate reading on the amount of consumption of a service as well as several other important data. You can see which time you used a lot of the service or which time you used less. These data can help you determine how to further lower your service consumption.
  2. Accurate payment – Since you are paying what you will be consuming, you don’t have to worry about having to pay the minimum or an estimate of the bill. You can fully consume the amount you put into the service metre without the worry of losing your services. It is like the minutes of your phone when you use a prepaid system.
  3. Full control on service – Since you can only consume of what you pay in advance, you don’t have to worry about misused of your service. You have the option to not put any money on the service metre if you do not need to use the service.
  4. No hassle in paying bills – Since you are paying in advance, you are free from the hassle of paying bills monthly which can become impossible sometimes when you are out of town or having a prior arrangement during your billing date.

Service metres are now available and being used on flats and apartments. In the following years, this metre will replace the metres on the house as people search for ways to get rid of all the trouble with their electric and water metres. Even the government are now considering to strongly recommend and campaign the use of service metres throughout the country. If you are one of the consumers who are tired of the problems with traditional metres, service metres could be the best solution for you. Simply coordinate with your service companies to know if they are now implementing the advance service metres to their consumers.

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A Car is an important investment one has to make at some point in life. It provides readily available and easy transportation means as you move from place to place. Whether it is from your home to the office or to a store,  a car can make your journey to your destination and saves you time from having to wait and call for a taxi or moving to a bus stop just to get a ride. With many benefits of  having your own car, it is only right that you take care of your car and protect it from any harmful elements. However, there are times when you need to leave your car for a significant amount of time. It could be a business trip abroad or a family holiday outside your town, city or even country. And leaving your car may cost you a great trip experience.car-storage-racks4348-7172

It is only natural to worry about your car if you leave it unattended for some time. You cannot physically check the car regarding its condition or prevent anyone from trying to break in and gain access to your car. The risk of such incidents to occur greatly increases if you left your car in some public parking area or a street where no guards to monitor your car constantly. To get rid of all your worries and the risks surrounding your precious car, car storage is the best way to go.

Car storage is the best thing for your car. It is protection. Car storage facilities can protect your car from criminals, bad weather conditions and even natural disasters. Most car storage facilities employ multiple guards where some stay at the entrance area while others monitor both the inside and outside vicinity of the car storage. Car storage facilities are also closed which provide great protection from any weather elements be it sunny or rainy. Some facilities will even tightly close the whole area preventing even the tiniest speck of dust to penetrate. Lastly, car storage facilities consider natural disasters frequent in the area and build the facility to withstand any natural disasters.

Car storage facilities also go the extra mile by providing personalized handling and storing process to each car. Some are even placed in a vacuum-like storage depending on the client and the car. Many would provide regular maintenance and tune-up to make sure that the car is on top condition and can be used by the scheduled time of retrieval. The protection on the car from harmful elements like weather and burglars in addition to regular maintenance and proper storage procedure is a great combination for every car owner. After all, it is better safe than sorry with car storage.

So if you are looking for a reliable way to store your car for whatever reason, visit www.autovaultcarstorage.co.uk.

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Ever since Chester Carlson first invented a prototype photocopier on 1938, photocopying industry spearheaded by Xerox has come a long way. What used to be a simple black-and-white copy has become more complex that not only includes color copies but other features as well. And as the photocopying industry is approaching the 8th decade, people now have a wide array of choices which allow them to choose from simple and single function photocopying machines to several features in a single photocopier only. Here are several option you can choose when selecting a photocopier.

Analog Photocopier

Also called as the traditional or classic photocopier. This type of photocopier provides a black-and-white copy. The size of this copier is large due to the number of parts necessary to copy images. Though it is cheaper and can make large number of copies, the photocopying industry has stopped manufacturing this type of photocopier due to the cost of production. As this type becomes obsolete, spare parts will be hard to come by making it unfit for people planning get a photocopier. People who also are currently using this type of photocopier keep on experiencing problems but won’t be able to get any support from manufacturers since it’s phased out.


“When in Rome, do what the Romans do.” This quote maybe overused but it fits in the photocopying industry. As we come to the digital age, photocopiers also utilized digital applications to provide higher quality of photocopies. Digital photocopiers include features like scanning, fax and printing giving more options for users. This type is often used in the office given the functions necessary to run the business.


Mono or monochrome is a photocopier that provides black copies only. The only difference between mono and analog is that mono photocopiers now employ digital technology to run. The great thing about mono photocopiers is that they are capable of making bulk copies at ease.


Color photocopier is the opposite of mono, it can create copies either black or colored. This feature is a popular choice when copying images and pictures. Usually, the photocopier contains 4 drums and 4 cartridges. Each cartridge has a different color. The colors are Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and Black. Given the arrangement of the colors, the cartridges are also called CYMK cartridges. The 4 colors are then combined in different ratios depending on the color that is needed for the image. The early weakness of this type of photocopier is that when one of the four colors run out, the copy will not be on the right color. If one wanted to get a good quality colored image, then he must replace the 4 cartridges since they come as one. Though some people use injections nowadays to overcome this weakness and refills the cartridge that run empty on ink.


Also known as all in one printers, this type of photocopier combines all the basic functions needed for an office and included other features. All multifunctional photocopiers have photocopying, scanning, printing and faxing. Depending on the model, other features like networking and internet. Others can staple, fold documents and even make 3-hole punch.

Other Types

Some photocopiers are not big. There are types called desktop and network photocopiers. The desktop photocopier is almost the same size with the computer printer and is the choice of small offices. On the other hand, network photocopiers allow everyone connected to the network to make copies remotely.

Regardless of the type of photocopiers available in the market, one must balance his budget and the functions he want the photocopier to have. Photocopier leasing or photocopier rental online is a cost effective way of managing your finances a little easier!

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Are you planning to refurbish your home? Do you feel like upgrading your home? Well, you have come to the right blog. Renovation is a complex process, and you have to perform various things to make it possible. If you want the end results exactly as you dreamt, then you need to think about various factors. Renovation is expensive and stressful task. You have to spend equal time and money to complete the renovation process as you expected. Though you have planned small or large renovation, you need to check on certain factors before starting the renovation project. Here in this blog, Wetherell Estate Agents are going to discuss the factors you have to consider before performing the home renovation.


It is essential to sign up with an experienced contractor. The contractor should have the experience, skills and knowledge in the areas you require renovation. If he is a newcomer or doing the project for the first time, then it is hard to expect the best from him. Ask the contractor the time he would take to complete the project. It is best to ask their portfolio before fixing for your project. If possible, you can also contact a contractor through referrals. This way, you can remain free of mind and save your money from unnecessary expenses. Above all, you need to share your budget and request them to complete the project within the budget.


If the renovation process is going to take more than one month, then you have to think about relocation. You can ask your contractor and he will let you know whether it is necessary to relocate. When you are going to renovate the entire home including the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen, then it is best to relocate. If you do not do, you may find hard to live amidst renovation process. The dust and dirt would spoil the entire home, and it can make you live life in a hard way. It has chances to cause breathing problems or other health conditions. If possible, you can shift to a new home or nearby hotel for one or two months until the entire renovation process gets completed. Though it may sound a bit difficult, but you can get a beautiful space to live at the end of the renovation process.


If you are going to renovation for large projects, then you have to take permission from the authorities. Larger projects like plumbing, electrical, altering the present structure of the building, and additions in your building need permits. It is important to obey the rules of your city. If you are going to take a wrong route and stop to obey the rules, then you have to pay extra fines, timely delays, and it can totally affect your budget.

Right time:

Do you need renovation at this time? It is the most important question you have to ask yourself. Research latest ideas, best renovation projects and gather sufficient details that will help you to save money on your project.

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Exercising or working out is one way to improve or maintain your current fitness level. Working out exhausts all the major muscle groups of the body, resulting to these muscle groups adapting to a more strenuous lifestyle. This, in turn, leads to the muscles growing bigger and/or leaner depending on the exercises performed. Exercising is advisable to be done on a regular, if not daily, basis. However, this proves to be impossible for many people mainly because of time constraints. One way to get around this problem is by building a home gym in the garage.

The Benefits of Building a Home Gym

There are many benefits of building a home gym. One example is that homeowners will be able to get a workout any time they want. This benefit is extremely useful for people who go to work before sunrise and return home late at night. By having a home gym, they could work out before they leave for work or before they go to bed. Another benefit of having a home gym is that women will be able to work out without fear of being ogled or harassed. Home gyms can act as safe havens where women can exercise freely and without any fear.

The last benefit of having a home gym is that there will be no waiting time in between sets. This benefit is mostly for dedicated bodybuilders who require constant training and precise conditioning in order to maximize their gains.

The Equipment Needed

Reference: http://garagegymbuilder.com/

The equipment needed for a home gym is similar to those found in actual gyms. However, keep in mind that a garage is not as big as an actual gym. It is therefore recommended to purchase combination equipment or to prioritize equipment that will be used to achieve the goal of the user. For example, a person whose goal is weight loss should focus on purchasing equipment that provide cardiovascular exercise. Such equipment include exercise bikes, treadmills, and elliptical machines. On the other hand, a person whose goal is to increase muscle mass should purchase combination equipment to ensure that each and every major muscle group can be worked on using a single piece of equipment. Finally, it is advised to allocate enough space of the garage for proper ventilation. This needs to be done so that air is constantly circulating, resulting to a cooler environment.

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A clogged toilet can happen at unexpected times. Worse, when it happens, it can cause major inconvenience. Whether this happens at home or at a business establishment, a clogged toilet always translates into trouble. Because of this, it is a problem that needs to be resolved as soon as possible. This how to unclog a toilet, Drain Support article will discuss some ways for unclogging a toilet.

Before working on your toilet, it is important that you do some prior prepping. It would be wise to place towels or newspapers around the bowl as unclogging can become a potentially messy affair due to splashing. Also, open the windows and turn on the ventilation to keep foul odors away. Get a good pair of gloves because the contents of the bowl are unsanitary. Last but not least, if the toilet is clogged, refrain from pressing on the flush as it would only cause the bowl to overflow, which can cause more problems.

With those mentioned, here are some of the ways to unclog your toilet. Depending on the type of object clogged in there, specific techniques can be more effective than others.

  1. Pick the obstruction with your hands- This is best used if a foreign object is the cause of the clog. To do this, you simply got to insert your hand into the drain, try to look for the object causing the clog, and dislodge it. Keep in mind that such a technique only works if the object is close to the surface. Furthermore, you must be wearing gloves when doing this.
  1. Use a plunger- The plunger is the basic weapon of any plumber. Using the power of suction, it can dislodge just about anything that can potentially cause an obstruction. For maximum effectiveness, the plunger must make a tight seal around the drain. Once placed over the hole, pump the plunger. Do it until water begins to drain. For best results, it is recommended that you purchase a high-quality plunger as you’re bound to use it for a while anyway.
  1. Use a drain cleaner- Often times, clogging is caused by too much waste. In such situations, the best way to deal with a clog is to use a drain cleaner. There are unclogging formulas available on hardware stores and supermarkets. Also, there are guides that will teach you how to make homemade drain cleaners. It must be noted that you must follow usage instructions to prevent damage to your toilet.
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Perhaps you’re planning to renovate and repurpose an extra room in the house. Or maybe you’re starting from scratch with a newly-bought home. Whatever your reason is, you should never leave out the ceilings when planning the interior design of your new living space. You’d be surprised at how much the tiniest details in your ceiling panel can affect the overall vibe of your room, and at the same time reflect on your style and taste.

Match #1

The ceiling: Suspended Ceilings

Suspended ceilings are popular and well-loved for their many benefits. They provide good coverage of unsightly electrical wiring and exposed beams. They also consist of lightweight materials, and they feature simple grids that are both classy and clean. This design also deserves additional points for allowing minimal effort for cleaning and maintenance.

The room/s:

Suspended ceilings are perfect for playrooms, studies, gyms/workout areas, and multi-purpose rooms that require good lighting.

Match #2

The ceiling: Wood Ceilings

Wooden panels are often used for rooms used as work spaces. They are versatile; they may go from very relaxed in rustic or light tones, to professional and sophisticated in luxurious, dark tones. Wooden ceilings can match practically any room décor.

The room/s:

Wood ceilings work well on practically any room, but they look best on home offices, study rooms, and art studios.

Match #3

The ceiling: Metal Ceilings

A room can easily turn from drab to fab with the use of metal ceilings. Tin ceiling panels can recreate the look of old movie places. Many of these metal ceilings come in a flat, dark color, which is perfect for absorbing light while watching or playing games on a widescreen TV. Aside from their upscale, contemporary look, there are also a good number of metal ceilings that help soundproof rooms.

The room/s:

Metal ceilings look striking on media rooms, gaming/computer rooms, home theaters, and recording/band studios.

Match #4

The Ceiling: Personalized Ceilings

What better way is there to decorate a room than to add a personal touch? None.

It isn’t too hard to create a unique ceiling look that reflects your personality. Paint the ceiling panel in your favorite shade. Get creative and add some hand-painted patterns, designs, or even quotes. Or just go for pre-designed panels or planks that will look good on your themed rooms. There’s no limit to what you can do when personalising your ceilings.

The room/s:

With correct planning and matching with the room décor, personalized ceilings will look spectacular anywhere. They are most popular, however, in living rooms, art studios, libraries/reading nooks, and man caves—the perfect get-away spot when you just want to Zen out.


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Mother earth is getting hotter by the day. This is the reason why a lot of people are advocating about planting more trees. While it’s a noble cause, considering how it cools the earth and all the other things that it does for us, sometimes those tress needs mending too. Just because they’re existence are good for us, doesn’t mean we just leave them alone. Trees, scrubs, vines, and other perennial woody plants needs to be cultivated, managed and studied as well.

That’s where tree surgeons or arborist (example: http://www.kingscutstreeservices.co.uk/) comes into the picture; they’re the ones who take on jobs like this. But if trees require care, so do tree surgeons. It’s important that if you’re in the industry of tree surgery, you’re not just armed with tools; arborist insurance is a must too. Here’s why:

You Could Get Hurt

Just imagine tall trees that you have to climb while carrying heavy equipment that you have to maneuver while you’re up there. I don’t wanna be a pessimist, but you gotta agree those kind of combination attracts accidents; and when that happens you don’t wanna be unprepared. Having an insurance will cover for you during the accident and while you recuperate from it.

Or Sued

Speaking of accidents, it’s not just you that’s involved every time it occurs. There could be civilians hurt or property damaged which is of course a problem and would often result to a lawsuit. Legal matters come with a hefty price tag, which you wouldn’t have to shoulder alone if you have insurance.

Equipment Need Repair

When we talk about tree surgery equipment, we’re not just talking about some pruning shears here. Think chainsaw, yes mechanical. And in time it’s bound to get damaged whether due to old age or something else. Why take care of the expenses alone if you could have help?

Arborist Insurance Under Your Belt Is A Plus For Clients

Clients are aware about the possible accidents and occupational hazards that come with this business. That said, they know how much money, time and trouble it would cost them if they take on arborist who are not insured. If they could get those who are, why would they bother hiring those who are not?

Most of the time we regret things that we know we should have done but didn’t. When it comes to this kind of job and your safety, don’t take any chances.


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Locksmith services are very popular especially for your home security. People are aware that this deals with the security services in your house that provides the right locksmith hardware and equipment. Can you imagine what would be the possible situation if you don’t have such type of services? Well, there can be an instance that you are locked in a certain room in your house and there is no one who could help you. You get so many suggestions especially being patient in this kind of situation however, looking at the reality, keeping calm for this particular situation is very difficult as you are locked in a room all alone.

Locksmith services is considered to be a great relief in your home during bad times. It doesn’t only help you in providing security assistance and measures but this gives you the maximum convenience and comfort while you are at home. There are certain times that you are leaving your home due to precious and important papers or artifacts that you need to prepare for. However, it is not possible to stay inside your home for 24/7 that is why you need to go out for some time especially when you have work or emergency situation arises. With this type of situation, you need to look for a good locksmith service providers, Romford Locks will put a security system to assure that your home will be safe and secured. A good locksmith services offers good quality equipment and hardware that cannot be easily tampered.

It is very common that your home have confidential and important files and date stored in its premises. Altering or tampering this data can cause a big loss to your home. This even makes your realize the importance of high and good quality security system that can protect all the belongings you have at home. All you have to do is to consult an expert locksmith service providers in order to obtain the best system and hardware that is suitable to the quality and kind of home you have. However, you need to be very careful since there are some locksmith service providers that are offering their service with low quality hence you need to look at the quality of their assistance and service.

Nowadays, locksmith services for your home security have already advanced and improved along with the continuous advancement of technology. This is in connection to the alarming numbers of incidents in homes where suspected person get inside the house and stole some of the properties and belongings they have due to poor quality locks. Professional and high standardized locksmith services allows easy accessibility to your room which makes you feel safe and secured all the time. No matter how long you are going to stay out of your house, you are assured that even if you are out your house will be safe and secured. You will feel safe and secure if you are aware that all the locks you have at home are working properly, strong and of high quality. With locksmith services, you are assured that even if you are insider or out of your house, everything will be under control and safe from unexpected bad incident.





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Written on Mar, 04, 2015 by in | Comments Off on Choosing a Sofa that can Last a Long Time

Oftentimes, people only consider the style and the design of a sofa when purchasing one. Certainly, the looks and appeal that a piece of furniture can bring in the house is a significant factor in picking the right one. However, to get the most value out of the money that one needs to spend, he must not dwell on aesthetics alone. For practicality, it is advisable to check and recheck the durability and hardiness of a sofa before taking it home.

The primary strength-giving part of a sofa is its frame. Because of this, you must carefully check it before purchasing. Generally, sofa frames made of soft wood such as pine should be avoided because they may wobble after several years of use. Additionally, frames made of metal, particleboard, or plastic may also crack and warp with prolonged use. You should also avoid them as much as possible. Quality materials for sofa frames are those made from hardwood. Examples of these are beech, oak, or ash. Hardwoods are generally pricier than other frame materials but in the long run, they may prove to be more practical.

In addition, it is also crucial to check how the individual pieces of the sofa frame are joined together. Wooden dowels, brackets, wooden corner blocks, or metal screws solidly join tough frames together. In addition, nails, staples, or glues can be used for extra hold but you should avoid using them as the sole means of joining the frame pieces. You can pick all these up from a UK supplier – http://www.sofasos.com/.

Another indication of a good sofa lies in its springs. Good sofas have eight-way hand-tied springs beneath the seat cushion. They give good comfort while providing extra durability as well. However, usually, most sofas come with sinuous or serpentine springs. They are preassembled pieces of snaking wire that give decent support. However, to prevent sagging or pressing on the frame, you have to ensure that the metal making up the spring is thick and heavy.

The last thing to do to ensure the durability of a sofa is to check its textile. The most practical fabrics are those made up of linen and cotton. Yet, it is still recommended to check whether their weaves are tight. Loose weaves can snag through repeated use. Also, good textile materials are leather and wool. They are strong and elegant to look at but are quite expensive. For the fabric’s pattern, it is suggested to choose those that are woven instead of

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Written on Feb, 15, 2015 by in , | Comments Off on Have A Blast With Photo Booth Parties At Home!

Nowadays, you would think that every waking moment is captured in some way. I mean, almost everyone carries a phone, if not two, with them wherever and whenever, which allows them to take a quick snap shot of everything. Aside from that, all these social media platforms have somehow compelled everyone to make sure that they took photos of everything so that they could be updated with new happenings.

But, believe it or not, there are some instances where picture takings take the back burner. How come? Well, if you’re the one hosting a party, especially if it’s in your own house, it could really be hard to keep up when you have million things to attend to. Or you could simply be having so much fun with catching up, eating, and laughing with everyone else that you’re totally oblivious to the fact that you haven’t been taking any pictures at all.

Good thing, you can always count on the good old photo booth kent to save your day and your face from guest who would ask for pictures days after the party. Yes, photo booths, is your new best friend. Here are some reasons why you should totally consider getting one the next time you’re having a party over at your house.

  • You don’t have to be a nosy host who comes up to every guest who are obviously trying to have a conversation just to “capture the moment”.
  • You get to focus on hosting the party because photo booths runs by itself once it’s set up. Therefore, there will still be pictures when the party ends without you having to man the booth personally.
  • Everyone gets to decide when to be captured. Unlike if you’re trying to just snap away with your camera to make sure everything’s been documented, awkward shots will be avoided. (A couple making out in the background, people taking a huge bite, drunken Tom passed out behind the sofa)
  • It gives guest something to do when they’re not eating, chatting or trying to take advantage of the free booze (no offense drunken Tom J)
  • You’re not obliged to update everyone with last night’s party pictures because they can get the photo strips right away when they’re done with the booth.

See how convenient and fun photo booths are? With them around, you can easily host and party without looking like a rag doll after. Plus you still get quirky pictures to remember the day. Think you’ll add photo booth to your next party?

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Are you getting bored of how your home looks right now? Because of that, are you now considering doing a home improvement project, a home makeover or even just replacing some old furniture and adding new ones? If you are, then you must make sure that your home improvements are done right. However, what if you do not have the budget, or what if you really do not want to hire a professional to do the job? Instead, do you want to do your home improvement projects by yourself and save some money? Well, to help you out, here are some tips and reminders to help you get it done on your own.

Tips And Reminders For A Home Improvement Done Right

Owning your very own home is definitely a dream come true for a lot of people. However, you should know that owning a home is not always relaxing. After all, it requires a strong commitment to keeping it clean, well maintained, safe, and running efficiently. Making the occasional repairs and home improvements is typically a big part of owning a home. However, if you want to save money while doing any repairs or home improvements, you should consider doing the job yourself. Here are some tips and reminders that you should keep in mind if you are a dedicated do-it-yourselfer (DIY). You should also keep these tips in mind if you want your home improvement done right.

  1. Preparing for a paint job like a pro. Do you want to paint your whole room, house or do you just need to cover a crack in the wall? Whatever your reason is, nothing helps to improve or maintain the appearance of your home like paint. Also, did you know that in addition to adding style, when a paint job is done well, it can actually increase the value of your home! However, when painting is not done right, spatters, roller marks and trim paint will be easy to see and it would be very unattractive. We have had a great tip from UK Plaster  (ukplaster.com)(who produce a large range of plaster cornice) who have said when painting over coving it is good to water down the paint 1:5 5 parts water for 2 coats first as coving is very porous then after these 2 initial layer then paint on your final colour.

Because of that, do you want your painting home improvement done right? If you do, make sure that you properly prepare for the job. Here are some simple steps you should follow.

  1. Remove any hardware or fixture that blocks your space. Before you start painting a wall, make sure that you remove any hardware or furniture that may obstruct your job. Also, if you do not want to get paint on your beloved home fixtures, keep them away or carefully wrap them up. Also, remove any switch-plates, curtain rods, and door hinges that can block your paint roller. Although doing all of these may take time, you will definitely not regret it! In fact, once you get them all out of the way, your painting job will go much faster and more efficiently.
  2. Clean the area first. After you have removed anything that can get in your way and if you now have an unobstructed way to the walls, clean it first. Use a dry cloth or damp sponge to wipe it down. Remember, grime, dust and grease buildup will keep your paint from properly sticking to your walls and it could also result in some streaks. Also, make sure to carefully examine the wall you are about to paint for any gouges, nail holes and other imperfections. Once you find any of these, make sure to fill out any hole and sand any rough spots.
  3. Start painting. Once you are satisfied that no furniture is blocking you and that there are no more rough spots or holes in the wall, you can now start painting!
  1. Deal with your doors. Doors are present in every home and in fact, a house can have more than one door! Also, although they may look simple and innocent, doors actually need to be repaired and maintained every now and then. Doors are used a lot and they are prone to sticking and squeaking and, although these problems are considered minor ones, they can still be an annoyance.

Interior wooden doors are not exposed to the elements but they are still subjected to climate changes. In fact, during humid weather, a wooden door can actually swell if there is not enough room in order to accommodate the expansion between the frame and the door. Because of this, you should make sure to inspect your door carefully. Look for any loose or deteriorated screws or hinges and if you find some, fix them right away. Tighten all loose screws by placing a door wedge at the latch end of your door in order to balance its weight. Once the screw looks ok but your door still resists when you close it, remember the tight spots. Also, if your door only sticks during humid months or during rainy days, you should consider getting it planed.

  1. Repairing your faulty faucet. Leaking faucets is one of the most common problems faced by homeowners everywhere. Although it may sound like a very simple and minor repair, it is actually very important since it can help you save on your water bills. Also, you should remember that when you do not immediately fix your faulty faucet, you are wasting a very important resource needed by billions of people – water. So, do not take this repair lightly and do it properly. Save money and help your environment at the same time.
  1. Improving your chairs. Are the feet of your chairs scraping away at your beautiful floor finish? Do they leave annoying marks and scratches on your otherwise unblemished floor? If they are, then you should consider improving and modifying your chair! How do you do this? In order to stop it from scratching your floor anymore, you can hammer in some tacks that have felt pads attached. Or if you want, you can attach rubber pads at the foot of your dining chairs, sofas or any chair that you constantly move around. Doing this still allows you to move your chair around – without the scratch marks that it leaves!

These are just four simple repairs and home improvement ideas that you can utilize. Although they might seem like simple and minor things, they are all very important to keeping an efficient home. Follow the tips mentioned above for home improvement done right!



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